Legends of Lauria

Session 1 Notes (Player version)

25 Oct. 2016

  • Party arrived in Shepshed during the rain, met at the Sleeping Dragon Inn
  • Reserved rooms
  • Met barkeep, who didn't seem friendly towards them or adventurers in general
  • Some party members noticed a person enter the bar discreetly and pin something to the tavern message board. When investigated, the found it was a small square of parchment with a black circle on it.
  • While looking at the board, the noticed a few other posts as well:

    • An older, faded/buried advertisement for bringing trophies of slain goblins/orcs to the capital to get paid for them. 
    • A missing person notice for a nobleman's daughter, reward 1000gp. Contact person Warren Eldric.
    • A wanted ad for someone who has been stealing livestock. Contact person Balethorn Cooper.
  •  Mak gets directions to the contact people for the latter 2  ads. The Eldric house is downtown, while Balethorn is a farmer living outside the southern walls. 
  • The group goes to the Eldrics. Mak slips through a rought iron fence, Cyssa picks the lock on the fence. They do not find Warren Eldric, but instead his nearly inconsolable wife  and her other four children: Vera, Oliver, Magen, and the infant Oren.
  • The nobleman's wife is convinced her 17 year old daughter Diadara Eldric was kidnapped. Some searching of Diadara's bedroom occurs, but very little was found, there's nothing in her room except girlish toys and decorations, an painting of an elvish building, and an unlocked window. There are no footprints outside the window.
  • The group asks about Diadara's friends. The noblewoman mentions a boy at the magic shop. Mak convinces the noblewoman to give them 500gp of the reward up front to buy supplies. (Dat high charisma yo).
  • Mak and Rook go to the magic shop while Cyssa awkwardly questions the other children, along with Kaugra and Alin. Vera admits that Diadara sneaks out a lot. Magen doesn't know much. 
  • At Mortimer's, the magic shop decorated in blue and black stars and yards fabric, Mak and Rook meet Mortimer, the elven shopkeep who seems to care mostly about their money. They also meet a young lad about 18 who claims to be friends with Diadara and is obviously enamored with her. This young fellow is wearing absolutely outlandish robes. The boy seems curious and eager to talk to Rook in particular. He speaks about his love of magic and comes across as a huge dork.
  • The boy admits that he and Diadara often sneak out of town to throw stones at the river and hang out. 
  • Mak buys 4 potions of cure light wounds for 500 gp.
  • The group meets up in the streets and then goes to a seedy bar named "The Seedy Bar", who's mascot is a bunch of grain seeds. They look at the job board (making sure Cyssa isn't up there) and after only finding a bunch of craigslist style ads do they talk to the bartender.
  • The bartender is a portly fellow, salt of the earth type. They buy cheap shitty beer and ask him about the black circles. He tells them he's seen the black circle symbols on his job board, but he doesn't know what they mean. 
  • The party goes out of town to meet Balethorn Cooper. They cross through the southern gate and they notice that only the southern side of the city is walled off. 
  • The walk south through the farm community and eventually find Balethorn. They talk to him and he tells the how angry he is about his missing livestock. He allows him to sleep in his barn overnight, and he even is talked into letting Rook stay in his house, in the room his son used to have before he moved into town.
  • They take turns with watch, but nothing happens in the night except a wolf howl.
  • The next day, Kaugra tracks some footprints near the animal pens, and the party follows them south. When the trail is lost, Rook sends out Lincoln to scout – when he comes back he tells them "Fences". 
  • The party goes to where the "fences" are only to find several undead livestock creatures who try to attack the party. The party makes short work of three zombie chickens and an enormous skeleton ram. 
  • When they investigate the area, the only things they find are a nose ring on the ram's head and some sort of magical circle on the ground near the chicken coop. 
  • Kaugra tries to lift the ram's body, but it's too big. This was a truly impressive animal in life. She ends up taking the skull. 

-- adventure ends with the party in a field with makeshift corrals and a bunch of bones and zombie feathers --



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