Legends of Lauria

Session 3 Notes (Players)

  • The party convinces the last guardsman to comply with them. They go upstairs.
  • Investigate a door. Diadara Eldric is inside. Turns out she kidnapped herself to get away from what she feels is an oppressive life of nobility – having to marry someone and become their noblewoman lady. She wants to be an adventurer! Party tries to convince her to go back home because the forest is dangerous. She hits Rashi with a broom. Hard. 
  • Cyssa sets off an acid splash trap in front of one door. Alin and Cyssa enter. They find some stuff (fancy dresses and cheap jewelry). Alin notices the mirror in the room. When he looks at it, he sees " his reflection, but instead of his normal reflection, he sees himself covered in blood all over his body"
  • Party finally convinces Diadara she has to go home, accompanied by them and the two non-dead bodyguards she hired.
  • Party finds a note under the stairs, bc Cyssa got that high perception. Note written by ???? : "The creature is not natural, not a normal beast or man. He must have sent it here. Sent it here to destroy us. My beloved is surely dead now, and I fear I will be next, but I must leave this place or I shall surely perish. If this note finds you, go to Shepshed. Do not go deeper into the forest. Do not search for his tower, you will not find it, nor do you want to." 
  • Party is effectively spooped. They decide 2 leave the spoopy house even though they didn't finish exploring it
  • Kaugra notices footprints near the house, like someone came up and investigated. Party follows the trail, with 1 unconscious body guard, 1 unhappy but conscious bodyguard, and 1 runaway noble girl
  • Party notices that the ground is littered with the corpses of insects near where the footprints were. Crunch crunch. Party loses the trail. They continue to head back towards town. 
  • Rook tries to teach Diadara some spells. She doesn't seem to pick up on it really. The party also asks her about her family and about her friend Oren. She seems aware of Oren's affections for her, and also disdainful towards her overprotective parents.
  • Return to river bridge. Yet another failed cha check against this guy. Pay that toll again fuckers. Who is this guy??
  • Go back to Balethorn Cooper's house, return his ram's skull and informed him about the necro-farm-animal-omancy. He's super sad about his best farm animal being turned into an animate skeleton. Kaugra finally catches the hints I've been laying down about that gold nose ring being magical. Balethorn lets the party stay in the barn and tells them rook can use his son's room again. 
  • In the barn, Cyssa teaches Diadara how to throw a knife. Diadara's pretty good at it. Meanwhile Kaugra gives herself a nose piercing with the absolutely enormous nose ring of protection +1 that I put in the game for her freaking deer to use not her but here we are LOL. Blood. Everywhere.
  • Party returns to town. Drops Diadara off with her parents, who are happy she's alive and basically tell her she's grounded forever until she gets married. Diadara seems to wilt under their gaze, relegating herself to her fate. The party seems to doubt their choice now, hm? Party gets the other half of their money.
  • Rook sends Lincoln to Diadara's window with a note, written by Alin, telling her if she wants to leave her home, she should go east to Taron and find his former mentor. She gives them a nod and lincoln flies back to them.
  • Rook finds a library and looks for a history book. Finds a big heavy hard to read tome. Kaugra goes to The Seedy Bar and literally tries to sterilize her new piercing by dunking her bloodied face into a huge mug of beer. It doesn't feel good. 
  • Rook reads her book, and reads about a red dragon who was slain by a famous hero, a paladin of Pelor named Oren and his party. The battle took place just east of Shepshed.



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