Legends of Lauria

Session 2 Notes (Player Version)

1 November 2016

  • Party decides to press onwards towards the river rather that return to visit Balethorn regarding his missing livestock.
  • The party walks south until they come to the river….and a bridge
  • A man is at the bridge, casually leaning against the structure.
  • Cyssa sneaks forward to get a close look. The man is armed with a crossbow but doesn't seem antagonistic.
  • The party fumbles through attempts to sneak up to, greet, and then gather information from the man. He says his name is Xandryn. He tells them if they want to cross the bridge, they must pay a toll.
  • Mak tells him she will pay him with a song, and he seems to be interested in the deal, being a musician himself (pipes) - until he hears her play. She rolls very low and Xandryn laughs at her.
  • Eventually the party pays both the toll and some gold to hear some information. Xandryn says he saw the girl, accompanied by several men – they crossed his bridge and paid his toll. The party crosses the bridge.
  • Kaugra easily tracks the footprints of the men into the forest across the river, heading to the southwest. The party walks until near sunset, then they make "camp" as it were. Some members of the party (Kaugra and Mak) are more prepared for a night in the woods than others (Rook). 
  • In the middle of the night, during Mak's watch, a group of 4 tree/plant creatures attacks the slumbering party, nearly killing Mak with their claws. A combination of axe blows, sword blows, daggers, and a magic missile manage to destroy the trees, which are then used as kindling.
  • The next day Kaugra successfully tracks again, and the party follows the footprints to a house in a clearing. 
  • Cyssa goes to investigate the house, followed by Rook and Lincoln, but as they are peering into the house, Alin simply knocks on the front door. He is answer by a suspicious man who gruffly tells him to go away. Alin gets the door slammed in his face.
  • The guards see members of the party peering in the window and react negatively
  • The party considers scaling the building - attempts at grappling hooking the roof are unsuccessful, but Kaugra climbs up the wall easily due to her strength.
  • The party decides it is time for battle. Alin rushes into the building while Mak plays a lullaby and Rook, Cyssa, and Kaugra watch the door from the outside. Alin attempts to incapacitate one of the three men inside, aided by Rook's daze ability. Kaugra shoots arrows and Mak inspires the party through song. Cyssa kills one of the men with her daggers after he came after her. There is some disagreement about the acceptability of killing the men.
  • The party intimidates and persuades the last of the three men to stand down after he sees his comrades fall. 
  • The party now has one dead man, one unconscious man, and one unharmed but unarmed man in their custody in the bottom floor of this house, with another floor still above them. 



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